ZF Factory Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time 5164A-001 Watch

Patek Philippe is one of the three best-selling brands in replica watch market because its Nautilus is the best-selling. Many people who are looking for stainless steel watches will consider Patek Philippe Nautilus. Apart from Nautilus, their Aquanaut looks sporty and Selling well, Calatrava is also a favorite of those who like formal watches.

Today I want to introduce Aquanaut watch from the ZF factory. Don’t doubt the quality of every timepiece manufactured by the ZF factory, they are all the best.

This is a very interesting Patek Philippe watch. Under its sporty appearance, we can see its versatility. Aquanaut is a Patek Philippe sports model. At the same time, this watch adds a very practical GMT function. Convenient for business use, I think that people who like sports watches and usually travel around the world will consider it.

The texture on the dial makes Aquanaut unique and famous. High legibility is another big selling point of the replica watch. In addition to the large square markers, there are also Arabic numerals. Each marker uses Swiss luminescence, as do the hour and minute hands. The white markers and hands are clearly readable.

Regarding functionality, the difference is too great. The genuine watch has a real GMT function. The GMT had is adjustable. On this replica, the central GMT hand cannot be adjusted. The small square windows next to “HOME” and “LOCAL” are more like Day and Night display in two different time zones. On this replica, you can see switching white and blue background in the two windows. I think ZF wants this function to be correct, but I think it is not as accurate as a genuine watch.

By the way, the dial looks more gray than pure black. The date is displayed at 6 o’clock, and you can adjust the date by pressing the button at 5 o’clock.

It is a good replica watch, the time and date are correct. Although there are some false operation in the functions of GMT and Day/Night display, it is still an acceptable high-end replica watch.

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