Which is the best quartz watch or automatic watch?

For the majority of watch lovers, quartz watches and automatic watches are no longer familiar with two types of watches. There are pros and cons between these two. Many people can say a lot in one breath. For newcomers to the watch industry, which one is better, quartz or automatic? Let’s look down together.

Relevant insiders pointed out that, first, the history of automatic watches has been around for more than 500 years, and the history of quartz watches is less than 70 years; second, automatic watches rely on clockwork drums to provide power, and quartz watches rely on batteries. Provide power; once again, the working principle of the automatic watch is to output the clockwork force isochronously through the “escapement mechanism”. The quartz watch is timed because the vacuum crystal oscillator can generate a stable frequency after being powered on.

Once upon a time, Quartz brings a near devastating impact to automatic watches. Its price is grounded and it has a significant advantage in accuracy. However, many people still like the unique charm of automatic watches and like it. The automatic beauty and infinite artistic value. Therefore, quartz watches have little to do with collection and appreciation. However, if you wear them daily, quartz watches will bring a lot of convenience to our lives.