What should I do if the crown of the watch cannot be pulled out? How to adjust watch time?

What should I do if the crown of the watch cannot be pulled out? How to adjust watch time?

Many people who buy a replica watch for the first time, because they are shopping online and do not explain some operations of the watch face to face, so they often have to explore by themselves to get a replica watch. In the process, many people find that the buttons on the side cannot be pressed. How to do it? First of all, the crown is the key to controlling the time of the entire watch. It is difficult to pull out the crown. It was pulled out with great force, but it was difficult to press it back again. In this case, it is recommended to ask the after-sales service. The crown, commonly known as the stem and stem, is the part of a mechanical watch that is used to wind, adjust the time and calendar, or for other purposes. The mechanism of the watch is very fragile, we should not use too much force, and the degree of pulling out should be limited, otherwise it will be damaged.

First, the use of the crown of the knob-type replica watch:
Some watches have screw-down crowns: the stem is screw-locked. After turning the handle counterclockwise, the handle can be unlocked before it can be pulled out normally. The screw handle can effectively improve the waterproof function of the watch. Pay attention to screwing in and locking after operation.

Second, how to correctly pull out the crown of the ordinary replica watch:

1) First, you want to make sure the crown is fully unscrewed. Do not unscrew the crown completely, as pulling too hard on the head will damage the threads.

2) Hold the watch body with the left hand, hold the crown with the fingertips of the thumb and index finger, press the fingertips and fingernails against the case, and use the holding force of the fingertips and the force on the case to gently pull out the First gear, pull out about 1mm. This file is usually used to adjust the pointer (time). Some watches also have second and third gears, which are used to adjust the calendar, weekly calendar, etc.

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