Unique Andrea Pirlo Project Rolex Submariner Skeleton Watch From VR Factory

This is the first time I have seen a Rolex Skeleton Watch. It is custom made, which is a bit strange to me, but it is full of creativity for some people. Andrea Pirlo, if you watch a football game, you will know him, he is a very popular football player. The watch looks special, a bit elegant under a hard exterior, just like the style of Andrea Pirlo in a football game.

The focus is on the dial. The skull dial allows you to clearly see all the working machine parts. Through the sapphire crystal on the front, you can see the movement of the replica watch, which is a 3130 replica.

After searching some photos of genuine watches and comparing them with replicas, I can’t see much difference. You know, it’s difficult to replicate a watch with a hollow dial because every part of the movement is It will be displayed in front of the wearer, so watch manufacturers need to try their best to clone so that the parts of each movement look exactly the same as the original model. On this replica watch, VR factory did a good job.

In addition to the 3130 movement, the VR factory also uses 904L stainless steel, 3130 movement and 904L stainless steel materials to make this replica. The VR factory sold this watch at a very expensive price. But value for money, if you like skeleton watch, pls dont miss this Rolex Submariner Skeleton Watch.

Als have 904L Solid Yellow Gold Plated Steel Case, VR Factory Rolex Watches have the best of everything.