The replica watch cannot be returned after the plastic film is torn off. What’s the inside story?

The most common mistake many newcomers make when buying replica watches is to tear off the protective plastic of the watch, and then ask the seller for a refund, and they will be rejected. So why can’t the plastic film be torn off when buying a watch? We explain why here.

When you receive the watch, you will try it on with the watch. At this time, you should pay attention to the plastic film on the surface of the watch. Many people feel that it affects the observation and tear it off. This plastic film will not affect our return and exchange, and it can be torn off. Do not tear it off, and the plastic film that comes from the factory on the strap must not be torn off, do not tear it off! Once it is torn off, it cannot be returned or exchanged, because this plastic film is a guarantee for the manufacturer to carry out secondary sales. Once it is torn off, the manufacturer cannot sell it again, so everyone can only sell the replica watch by themselves.

1. If I purchased a replica watch, can the plastic film be torn off?

The film is a film that the watch factory attaches to prevent the product from being rubbed, scratched or rusted during transportation and affect the sales when it passes the inspection to the sale and circulation, and to ensure that the back of the watch is not damaged when the customer buys it. The film of the watch can be torn off without affecting other problems of the watch. The protective film on the back of the watch can also be peeled off. Generally, the watch will have a protective film after it leaves the factory. After being torn off, it will not affect the maintenance of the watch. As long as there is a warranty card, if there is any problem during the maintenance period, you can contact the seller for maintenance.

2. How to tear off the plastic film of the new watch?

Just tear off the protective film. If you don’t tear it off, it will slowly peel off after a period of time, but it is also possible that when the moisture in the air gradually penetrates into the plastic film, it will be difficult to tear it off at that time. Moreover, after the replica watch comes into contact with the air, the dirt or dust floating in the air will be hidden in the gap between the protective film and the dial. The watch has been bought back. If the watch has no quality problems, it is ready to use. Then the protective film above is to be peeled off. If it is not torn off, it will affect the clarity of the watch time. Moreover, the protective film will be uncomfortable to rub on the wrist and affect the appearance. This watch was used when you bought it. As long as you take good care of it, it won’t do much damage.

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