PPF Factory Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712G Moon Phase Date Watch

Today, I want to introduce a very good replica watch, it is a Patek Philippe Nautilus replica, model number is 5712G, this Patek Philippe is not a standard Nautilus model, it is a complication.

The watch is made by PP factory, we call it PPF here. It is a top quality replica watch, the one we call 1:1 replica. PPF is one of the earliest factories that make replicas of Patek Philippe Nautilus, their Nautilus is very good, however, more people now turn to buy Nautilus from 3K, they think that the Nautilus from 3K has a correct case thickness, in my opinion, about Nautilus, there is not too much difference between 3K and PPF.

This is a stainless steel Nautilus replica watch, with blue dial. It has an irregular layout style, not like some watches that have symmetrical dial layout. On the dial of Nautilus 5712, the small seconds hand is on the subdial between 4:00 and 5:00, the small dial at 8 o’clock has a date circle showing 1 to 31, the small white hand is pointing at current date. There is an arcuated power reserve indicator at 10:00. These functions on the dial all work, they provide you with genuine functions. By the way, hour markers, hour hand and minute hand are applied with Swiss lume material, strong green light you will see in dark conditions.

This replica Patek 5712 uses a different movement, which you can see through the crystal back. The movement is cloned according to genuine Patek Caliber 240, you can see beautiful decoration on the movement plate.

The case and watch band are the same as the 5711 model, the 40mm case diameter, and close to the thickness of genuine watch.

This model also has a gray dial.

If you don’t like the too formal 5711 watch, this replica Patek Nautilus 5712 watch with multiple practical functions should be your consideration.

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