GR Factory Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712G Tiffany Blue Moonphase Watch 40MM

GR Factory recently released three Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 watches, available in three dial colors including Tiffany Blue, Blue and Grey.

Compared to the nautilus Jumbo 5711, I think the 5712 looks more elegant, not as sporty as the 5711, but has a more casual style, the 5712 is in high demand, and they like it not only for its top quality, but also for its The beauty of symmetrical dial design. Regarding the replica version of 5711, ZF and GR are both the best. I compared them and they are all very good. The GR version is cheaper and has the same functions. Maybe ZF’s 5712 is better on the case and bracelet.

In the current replica watch market, Tiffany blue is really very popular. Before this model only had blue and grey face, now there is a Tiffany blue.

The case and watch band are the same as the 5711 model, the 40mm case diameter, and close to the thickness of genuine watch.

This replica has almost all the real functions, such as the dial, small seconds, date, moon phase and power reserve, but the power reserve is fake, which is the flaw of the replica. On the Tiffany blue dial, every element is set in the right place, not exactly the same as the original, but very close. The crystal caseback allows you to admire its movement, which has been modified to be a genuine Patek Philippe 240 movement, precisely decorated and looks beautiful.

Don’t miss out on this elegant Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712G Tiffany Blue Watch!

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