New Arrival | F8 Factory Rolex Datejust II Watches 41MM

These are new-arrival Datejust II with new freshing faces, the replica Rolex Datejust comes from F8, in recent weeks, this factory has published a lot of Datejust replicas in good quality.

The first is Rolex Datejust II Malachite Dial Watch.

Natural malachite presents a green luster, dazzling, unique texture, and has a distinct noble temperament. It is known as “noble stone” and is often used in the production of some luxury jewelry. Whether in the past or now, in many countries around the world, natural malachite is regarded as a lucky and protective gemstone. With the assistance of modern technology, malachite can be made into a variety of jewelry, luxurious and elegant. The scent is unique.

The second is Rolex Datejust II Tiger’s Eye Dial Watch.

Tiger Eye Stone, looks like a tiger’s eye after being rounded, so it is also called the Stone of Courage. In fact, tiger’s eye is a kind of fossil wood, which is formed by the silicification and cementation of natural asbestos by carbon dioxide silica gel. The overall color is brown, brown, yellow and blue.

The third is Rolex Datejust II Meteorite Dial Watch.

The meteorite pattern is peculiar and full of mystery. This pattern that has grown over time has deepened human beings’ thinking about history, universe and civilization. However, because meteorite is a kind of mineral whose hardness is higher than that of ordinary minerals, its mineral structure is unpredictable, both hard and brittle, making it extremely difficult to use traditional craftsmanship. Therefore, dial-making masters can only make scientific predictions and rely on their A wealth of experience in order to complete the perfect cut.

The fourth is Rolex Datejust II Aventurine Stone Dial Watch.

Aventurine Stone, a kind of quartzite containing fine flakes of mica or iron oxide minerals, is named for its Venus-like light. Mainly in red and blue, it is a kind of high-quality crystal sand, adding precious and rare metals, and melting at high temperature.

Here are all the features of these watches:

1) Real 904L stainless steel watch band and buckle.
2) Swiss Cal.3235 Automatic movement with smooth sweeping second hand.
3) 41*11.8 mm Men’s Size Swiss Replica Rolex Datejust Watch.
4) Superior Luminous hour Markers and Hands.

These new dials are all special, and these styles are great if you want a creative watch!

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