EW Factory Replica Rolex Explorer I 124273 Watch 36MM

Today, I want to introduce this Explorer I Watch to you. This is the latest Rolex released in 2021. In replica watches market, apart from EW, few factories are willing to make replicas of the latest Rolex. EW now has the largest collection of Rolex watches on the market. You can find every real Rolex watch on the Internet, and EW make its replica.

The diameter of the case is only 36mm, which fits the size of most men’s wrists. The case is made oe is made of 904L stainless steel. Except for the smooth round bezel which is polished, it is fully brushed.

The crown on the right side of the case is satin-finished and has a three-dimensional Rolex crown logo. The middle case, the bezel and the case back fit perfectly, and the 1:1 replication structure is seen from the side. There is no gap between the case and the bezel. Tighten the case back and the entire case will have good water resistance.

The dial is black, with the classic design of Vintage Explorer I. All elements on the black dial are reasonably laid out, the Benz-style hour hand is even an iconic feature of Rolex watch. The large 3-6-9 hour mark is a design that you can only see on some vintage Rolex Explorer I, and now it is reflected in this 124273. The inner bezel has the correct Rolex Rehaut. The hour markers including 3-6-9 and hands have golden edges.

This Rolex Explorer I watch uses an automatic movement. EW factory decorates its movement plates and auto rotor to the look of real Rolex 3230, it looks good and very stable.

The bracelet is made of solid 904L stainless steel. Look at the plastic sticker on the bracelet, it says “904L”. Some people say that it is not real 904L stainless steel, but I believe it is true, because this type of stainless steel is very common, almost all Rolex Replicas in high quality use 904L SS.
Some buyers care about its weight. Does it really matter? It is meaningless to take the weight ratio of the replica watch to the genuine watch. Of course, the 904L stainless steel on the entire watch is solid.

By the way, stainless steel Explorer I 124270 from EW is also in stock.

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