Clean Factory Rolex GMT Master II Watches

In recent months, Clean factory’s products have been very popular. Whether it is Submariner or GMT-Master II, they are one of the best-selling Rolex watches on the market. Clean factory has also become the hottest topic in most watch forums. Submariner Rolex and GMT-Master are two very popular models of Rolex, and the demand for replicas is also very large.

Not only the green Submariner 116610LV replica is very popular, but the GMT-Master II is also the best seller of Clean factory. The famous GMT Batman and blue and red 126710 Pepsi are now manufactured by Clean. Next let’s take a look at these GMT watches.

The two most popular GMT watches in the Clean factory have been produced, and they also have an Oyster Perpetual Bracelet and a Jubilee Bracelet. The GMT-Master watch has a blue/red ceramic bezel and blue/black ceramic bezel.

In fact, there are two-color ceramic bezels for this GMT-Master watch. To make a good replica watch, the difficulty is not in its movement. Now, GM, VR, Clean, these three factories can clone the Rolex 3186 movement very well, as long as more money is spent on the movement improvement, this is not a difficult task. The biggest difficulty lies in the ceramic bezel. Taking this blue/red 126710 as an example, the blue and red color on the ceramic bezel should be correct. In addition, the blue and red gradient color should be perfect. I checked this GM The watch also has a VR factory. These details of the bezel are not good. I mean, compared with this Clean factory, if you want a perfect ceramic bezel, I think the Clean factory is the only choice.

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