8F Factory Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V Watch

Vacheron Constantin is a very famous watch brand. Although it seems to be not very popular in our replica watch field, I have not seen too many VC replicas in our market. Perhaps the most people ask is Vacheron Constantin overseas. Yes, this watch looks good and meets most people’s aesthetic standards, stainless steel case and rubber strap, three-hand dial with date function, many men would like to pick up an automatic watch like this when they were looking for the first watch of their life.

The side case is a combination of brushed processing and polishing. The watch also has a formal casual style, which is also the temperament that the world should have. The texture of the side handle is also relatively strong, which is convenient for debugging time. Slippage, the overall size of the watch is 41MM. For this size, it is also in line with the wearing habits of most watch lovers. The thickness is about 11MM, it is also more suitable for the size!

The glass is still sapphire glass, and the mirror surface is also coated, which is convenient for the watch to read data. At the same time, in the later wearing process, it will not be prone to excessive scratches, and the mirror surface is also very transparent. For sapphire glass, in the later wearing process, it is also cherished to avoid unnecessary bumps and mirror fractures! The mirror watch is matched with a simple three-hand structure. The simple scale, hour and minute hands are all coated with white luminous coating. Myopia can also read the time in a dark environment, ensuring the best readability. , At the same time, the scale of the overall watch is also very three-dimensional. For the literal aspect, there are four options to choose from this time, black, white, brown, and blue. Of course, each color gives people a different feeling.

The watch is also designed with a back-through process, which can directly observe the operation of the movement. Equipped with the 5100 self-winding mechanical movement developed and manufactured by 8F, which is the benchmark of Vacheron Constantin, the workmanship of the overall watch is also very good, and the details are also in place!

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