Which is the best quartz watch or automatic watch?

For the majority of watch lovers, quartz watches and automatic watches are no longer familiar with two types of watches. There are pros and cons between these two. Many people can say a lot in one breath. For newcomers to the watch industry, which one is better, quartz or automatic? Let’s look down together.

Relevant insiders pointed out that, first, the history of automatic watches has been around for more than 500 years, and the history of quartz watches is less than 70 years; second, automatic watches rely on clockwork drums to provide power, and quartz watches rely on batteries. Provide power; once again, the working principle of the automatic watch is to output the clockwork force isochronously through the “escapement mechanism”. The quartz watch is timed because the vacuum crystal oscillator can generate a stable frequency after being powered on.

Once upon a time, Quartz brings a near devastating impact to automatic watches. Its price is grounded and it has a significant advantage in accuracy. However, many people still like the unique charm of automatic watches and like it. The automatic beauty and infinite artistic value. Therefore, quartz watches have little to do with collection and appreciation. However, if you wear them daily, quartz watches will bring a lot of convenience to our lives.

Patek Philippe NautilusThe Nautilus series was born in 1976. Patek Philippe wanted to create a watch with a strong structure and unique personality. The inspiration for this watch soon became apparent, namely the portholes that can be seen on almost all ships. The first Nautilus watch was the Ref. 3700/1 in stainless steel. Since then, Nautilus has become an elegant classic sports watch, and its original model has become a hot treasure at auction. The new Nautilus showcases the alluring new design of Patek Philippe’s casual and elegant classic watches. With some subtle and meticulous changes, this series of watches not only adds a fashionable taste, but also retains its original essence.

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AquanautThe Patek Philippe Aquanaut series was launched in 1997. It is a casual and elegant watch, which is the perfect combination of perfect technology, excellent performance and creative design. Its charming appearance is derived from the stunning modern style-the shape is rounded on eight sides shape. The iconic dial, crafted with superior craftsmanship, has a surface structure that sets off the charming texture of the strap. The spiral crown highlights the complex construction of the case and provides extra protection for the watch, making it the perfect choice for a dynamic man. The passionate “tropical” strap is made of high-tech composite material, which is soft, comfortable, firm and hypoallergenic.

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Introduce IWC Portugieser –

In the late 1930s, two Portuguese watch importers active in the watch industry visited the IWC watch factory in Schaffhausen in search of the highest mechanical precision. They ordered a watch with a stainless steel case that was as accurate as a marine chronograph. At that time, only the use of pocket watch movements could meet their requirements. Therefore, IWC decided to adopt a hunter-type pocket watch movement (its crown is also located on the right side), and it will be equipped with a watch case. The first Portuguese watch launched in 1939 laid the foundation for an important watch family of IWC. For more than 70 years, its precision performance, large size and precise mechanical structure have been talked about by watch lovers. Since its development, there are countless classic Portuguese watches. At present, the most eye-catching watch is still the Portuguese 7-day automatic watch with two patented technologies of Pellerton and 7-day Chain.

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On the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the IWC Portuguese series, IWC gave the IWC Portuguese series tourbillon retrograde watch (model: IW50440) a more luxurious and charming design. The new arched edge watch not only makes this watch more elegant, but also slimmer. At the same time, the lugs have also been improved from an ergonomic point of view, making the wearer with a thinner wrist more comfortable. In addition, the watch is completely new with an exclusive custom-made Santoni alligator leather strap-this is the most suitable accessory for the IWC Portuguese series tourbillon retrograde watch. A transparent sapphire case back adds charm.

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Wear a watch and show the mature charm of a man.

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Often people who wear watches are more punctual, pay more attention to time, and feel more reliable. I have heard a story that Hong Kong people do not wear watches while looking for a job. The boss will think that you have no sense of time and can’t do anything. So Hong Kong people can wear a suit but must wear a watch when they interview.

Wearing a watch is also an expression of cherishing time. There is no need to use gold diamonds to prove a man’s strength in business. A proper watch is the best proof of a man’s strength.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre: Tasteful business men choose Jaeger-LeCoultre because it can embellish the glamour of formal wear. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s calm style always gives a gentleman style.

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As a pioneer in the top watchmaking industry, not only combines precision timing technology and superb artistic talent, but also makes outstanding contributions to the development of the entire watchmaking industry.

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The history of the Portofino series Portofino began in the late 1970s. At the time, IWC noticed that people’s demand for simple, classic watches was always on. The elegant IWC Lépine pocket watch (model 5201) became the inspiration for the newly launched watch series at that time-rotating its dial 90 degrees and adding the moon phase display function, a new watch came into being. This new “Pocket Watch” (model 5251) debuted in 1984 and was named after “Portofino”.

Since then, the Portofino series has become one of the most popular watch series of the IWC family. It is the perfect embodiment of subtle temperament and elegant taste.
For watch enthusiasts who favor luxury and sophisticated timepieces, the Portofino midsize watch series launched by IWC in 2014 is an attractive choice. The Portofino mid-size automatic watch case has a diameter of 37 mm and is perfect for slim wrists.

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Walking on the bustling streets, we may have little time to observe others. The lady who usually catches your attention may be her exquisite face and lipstick with a good color, a brand bag, or a shiny diamond. Etc. In contrast, men may have less attention, especially the accessories on their bodies. A mature man usually wears a watch that suits him. There is still a difference between wearing a watch and not wearing a watch. Let me show you the protagonist today: IWC Pilots Mark XVIII Watch!

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If you ask a delicate man who loves watches, what is your impression of IWC? They usually answer like this: handsome, gentle, educated, tender-hearted, polite, and cost-effective. A quick search reveals that so many politicians and celebrities are loyal fans of IWC. Putin expressed his love for the first time in a TV show he participated in, showing the iron fist of the fighting nation.

Men wear watches, to some extent, also reflects the economic capacity. Especially business people, a valuable watch, can make your partner or negotiating for you to evaluate, which may reach some cooperation work, success depends on details, perhaps a watch can play a big role.

High quality Automatic movement with smooth sweeping second hand

The IWC pilot series has been designed from the beginning to read the time easily both day and night. The domineering instrumentation has been used to this day. The pure black dial, the high-contrast luminous hands, the rotating glass watch ring with the luminous logo, the minute hand is clear and easy to read (with a small second hand). It is suitable for cool men who show tough guy personality, retro style, and more athletic sports men.

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