New Arrival | F8 Factory Rolex Datejust II Watches 41MM

These are new-arrival Datejust II with new freshing faces, the replica Rolex Datejust comes from F8, in recent weeks, this factory has published a lot of Datejust replicas in good quality.

The first is Rolex Datejust II Malachite Dial Watch.

Natural malachite presents a green luster, dazzling, unique texture, and has a distinct noble temperament. It is known as “noble stone” and is often used in the production of some luxury jewelry. Whether in the past or now, in many countries around the world, natural malachite is regarded as a lucky and protective gemstone. With the assistance of modern technology, malachite can be made into a variety of jewelry, luxurious and elegant. The scent is unique.

The second is Rolex Datejust II Tiger’s Eye Dial Watch.

Tiger Eye Stone, looks like a tiger’s eye after being rounded, so it is also called the Stone of Courage. In fact, tiger’s eye is a kind of fossil wood, which is formed by the silicification and cementation of natural asbestos by carbon dioxide silica gel. The overall color is brown, brown, yellow and blue.

The third is Rolex Datejust II Meteorite Dial Watch.

The meteorite pattern is peculiar and full of mystery. This pattern that has grown over time has deepened human beings’ thinking about history, universe and civilization. However, because meteorite is a kind of mineral whose hardness is higher than that of ordinary minerals, its mineral structure is unpredictable, both hard and brittle, making it extremely difficult to use traditional craftsmanship. Therefore, dial-making masters can only make scientific predictions and rely on their A wealth of experience in order to complete the perfect cut.

The fourth is Rolex Datejust II Aventurine Stone Dial Watch.

Aventurine Stone, a kind of quartzite containing fine flakes of mica or iron oxide minerals, is named for its Venus-like light. Mainly in red and blue, it is a kind of high-quality crystal sand, adding precious and rare metals, and melting at high temperature.

Here are all the features of these watches:

1) Real 904L stainless steel watch band and buckle.
2) Swiss Cal.3235 Automatic movement with smooth sweeping second hand.
3) 41*11.8 mm Men’s Size Swiss Replica Rolex Datejust Watch.
4) Superior Luminous hour Markers and Hands.

These new dials are all special, and these styles are great if you want a creative watch!

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2022 New Left-Handed Rolex GMT Master II Sprite Watch from Clean Factory

This is the GMT-Master II that Rolex just published in 2022. GMT-Master II is a brand new dial with black and green ceramic bezel, we also call it GMT – Master Sprite Watch. The watch is a left-handed style, well, it can be worn on the left hand and the right hand, that doesn’t matter, it is the first time I have seen a left-handed Rolex watch.

The Rolex GMT-Master II Sprite has two main features, the first being the black and green ceramic bezel. Regarding ceramic bezels, it is a very important feature to distinguish whether a replica is low-quality or high-quality. In my opinion, Clean factory makes the best ceramic bezel, whether it is Submariner or GMT-Master II, Clean’s ceramic bezel is always the best, especially the Submariner 116610LV Hulk, the color of the green ceramic bezel is the closest to the original . On a GMT-Master II, like this Sprite model, where does the black and green transition to on the black and green ceramic bezel? This is important, a lot of watchmakers do it wrong, and Clean does it right, whether it’s the previous GMT-Master II Batman or this GMT Sprite. The second big feature is its crown, which is on the left side of the case, meaning left-handed. I rarely see a left-handed Rolex watch, this is the first time. Some people can wear it on the left or right hand, it seems to be a more fashionable way to wear the left hand.

Clean made this GMT-Master II Sprite out of 904L stainless steel, which is genuine 904L stainless steel, with a case diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 12.1mm. The case and bracelet are made of 904L stainless steel. This is Rolex’s new GMT-Master with a crown logo between “SWISS” and “MADE”. In the sapphire crystal at 6 o’clock, there is a tiny laser crown logo that can be spotted when viewed at an angle.

The replica watch is equipped with the clone 3285 automatic movement, which is correct hand stack. In our market, there is no watch factory that can develop a custom or super clone 3186 or 3285 movement yet, but this clone 3285 is also a very good movement in the GMT-Master II, it has all the same correct functions as the real one . I believe that there will be manufacturers customizing or super clone 3285 movement in the future, which may be Clean or VS.

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BT Factory Rolex Daytona 4130 Watch 40MM

The Daytona 116500LN has always been a very popular replica watch in our market, many watch factories are making replicas of this Daytona, and now there is a new watch manufacturer, also called Better Factory, I just heard about BT (Better Factory) is just a branch of the 3K factory producing top quality replicas of Patek Philippe Nautilus and Aquanaut. Now, I know why it took so long to order the Patek Philippe Nautilus from 3K, as their focus has shifted to Daytona production.

BT factory started producing Panda Daytona in March this year. At that time, I didn’t pay much attention to this factory. I just noticed that the Daytona they sold was much higher than the Clean. In May, a lot of people were talking about the BT Daytona, and an interesting thing happened, that is, Clean released the Panda Daytona V2 version and raised the price, so this time, the BT factory successfully caught my attention. I see a lot of comments online that the Daytona at the BT factory is the best, is that so? I compared BT and Clean’s Panda Daytona and got the following.

1. The best Rolex Panda Daytona must be from BT or Clean. This is true.

2. BT or Clean’s Panda Daytona is much better than the previous Noob Daytona.

3. BT has a thinner case, about 12.2mm. Clean’s case is about 12.4mm. Actually genuine watch case thickness is around 12.2mm to 12.4mm, so I can say that BT and Clean have the correct thickness.

4. On the V2 version, Clean’s ceramic bezel is better than BT.

5. Don’t say BT has a more accurate dial color, that’s not correct. In fact, the dial colors of BT and Clean are both correct, because different batches of genuine watches also have slight dial color differences, and the dial color of BT Panda Daytona is more common.

6. Both BT and Clean use 904L stainless steel on the case and bracelet. The finish on the case and bracelet is the same, much better than the previous Noob Daytona.

7. The same movement inside, is Super Clone 4130.

After comparison, I still recommend that you buy a Panda Daytona from Clean factory, and be sure to ask your dealer to choose the latest V2 version, because the latest V2 has many upgrades. BT Daytona is also good, but it will take time to test. However, with BT and Clean competing, I think there will be higher quality Daytona replicas in the future.

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Will the sapphire crystal glasses be broken?

Will the sapphire crystal glasses be broken?

Sapphire is very hard, only lower than diamond, and it is generally believed that sapphire glass will never shatter. Actually this idea is wrong. Even when some people buy a watch, they are satisfied when they hear the seller say it is a sapphire crystal. It is undeniable that sapphire does have good wear resistance, but the sapphire mirror is very brittle, like the windshield of a bus, if you choose the center, you can break it with a hammer.

How many parts are in the watch? Ordinary watches have dozens to hundreds of parts, especially watches with various functions. These parts consist of a movement that sits in a small space that covers the dial. When nothing is covered, the entire watch appears to be ‘exposed’ to the outside. Over time, the water vapor and dust generated in the air can easily corrode and stain the entire watch parts. So far, most high-end watches have used sapphire crystals. To prevent the watch from entering air, a waterproof rubber ring is reinforced between the case and the crystal. (Of course, when replacing the damaged sapphire crystal, the waterproof performance of the watch will also be tested, and some waterproof measures will be taken).

Many times, the watch may be scratched by hard objects such as keys and nail clippers after a period of use. Minor scratches can be used for two days temporarily, if the crystal is severely damaged, only the sapphire crystal can be replaced. But some watches like acrylic glass can simply be polished if they have minor scratches.

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What should I do if the crown of the watch cannot be pulled out? How to adjust watch time?

What should I do if the crown of the watch cannot be pulled out? How to adjust watch time?

Many people who buy a replica watch for the first time, because they are shopping online and do not explain some operations of the watch face to face, so they often have to explore by themselves to get a replica watch. In the process, many people find that the buttons on the side cannot be pressed. How to do it? First of all, the crown is the key to controlling the time of the entire watch. It is difficult to pull out the crown. It was pulled out with great force, but it was difficult to press it back again. In this case, it is recommended to ask the after-sales service. The crown, commonly known as the stem and stem, is the part of a mechanical watch that is used to wind, adjust the time and calendar, or for other purposes. The mechanism of the watch is very fragile, we should not use too much force, and the degree of pulling out should be limited, otherwise it will be damaged.

First, the use of the crown of the knob-type replica watch:
Some watches have screw-down crowns: the stem is screw-locked. After turning the handle counterclockwise, the handle can be unlocked before it can be pulled out normally. The screw handle can effectively improve the waterproof function of the watch. Pay attention to screwing in and locking after operation.

Second, how to correctly pull out the crown of the ordinary replica watch:

1) First, you want to make sure the crown is fully unscrewed. Do not unscrew the crown completely, as pulling too hard on the head will damage the threads.

2) Hold the watch body with the left hand, hold the crown with the fingertips of the thumb and index finger, press the fingertips and fingernails against the case, and use the holding force of the fingertips and the force on the case to gently pull out the First gear, pull out about 1mm. This file is usually used to adjust the pointer (time). Some watches also have second and third gears, which are used to adjust the calendar, weekly calendar, etc.

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The replica watch cannot be returned after the plastic film is torn off. What’s the inside story?

The most common mistake many newcomers make when buying replica watches is to tear off the protective plastic of the watch, and then ask the seller for a refund, and they will be rejected. So why can’t the plastic film be torn off when buying a watch? We explain why here.

When you receive the watch, you will try it on with the watch. At this time, you should pay attention to the plastic film on the surface of the watch. Many people feel that it affects the observation and tear it off. This plastic film will not affect our return and exchange, and it can be torn off. Do not tear it off, and the plastic film that comes from the factory on the strap must not be torn off, do not tear it off! Once it is torn off, it cannot be returned or exchanged, because this plastic film is a guarantee for the manufacturer to carry out secondary sales. Once it is torn off, the manufacturer cannot sell it again, so everyone can only sell the replica watch by themselves.

1. If I purchased a replica watch, can the plastic film be torn off?

The film is a film that the watch factory attaches to prevent the product from being rubbed, scratched or rusted during transportation and affect the sales when it passes the inspection to the sale and circulation, and to ensure that the back of the watch is not damaged when the customer buys it. The film of the watch can be torn off without affecting other problems of the watch. The protective film on the back of the watch can also be peeled off. Generally, the watch will have a protective film after it leaves the factory. After being torn off, it will not affect the maintenance of the watch. As long as there is a warranty card, if there is any problem during the maintenance period, you can contact the seller for maintenance.

2. How to tear off the plastic film of the new watch?

Just tear off the protective film. If you don’t tear it off, it will slowly peel off after a period of time, but it is also possible that when the moisture in the air gradually penetrates into the plastic film, it will be difficult to tear it off at that time. Moreover, after the replica watch comes into contact with the air, the dirt or dust floating in the air will be hidden in the gap between the protective film and the dial. The watch has been bought back. If the watch has no quality problems, it is ready to use. Then the protective film above is to be peeled off. If it is not torn off, it will affect the clarity of the watch time. Moreover, the protective film will be uncomfortable to rub on the wrist and affect the appearance. This watch was used when you bought it. As long as you take good care of it, it won’t do much damage.

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8F Factory Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V Watch

Vacheron Constantin is a very famous watch brand. Although it seems to be not very popular in our replica watch field, I have not seen too many VC replicas in our market. Perhaps the most people ask is Vacheron Constantin overseas. Yes, this watch looks good and meets most people’s aesthetic standards, stainless steel case and rubber strap, three-hand dial with date function, many men would like to pick up an automatic watch like this when they were looking for the first watch of their life.

The side case is a combination of brushed processing and polishing. The watch also has a formal casual style, which is also the temperament that the world should have. The texture of the side handle is also relatively strong, which is convenient for debugging time. Slippage, the overall size of the watch is 41MM. For this size, it is also in line with the wearing habits of most watch lovers. The thickness is about 11MM, it is also more suitable for the size!

The glass is still sapphire glass, and the mirror surface is also coated, which is convenient for the watch to read data. At the same time, in the later wearing process, it will not be prone to excessive scratches, and the mirror surface is also very transparent. For sapphire glass, in the later wearing process, it is also cherished to avoid unnecessary bumps and mirror fractures! The mirror watch is matched with a simple three-hand structure. The simple scale, hour and minute hands are all coated with white luminous coating. Myopia can also read the time in a dark environment, ensuring the best readability. , At the same time, the scale of the overall watch is also very three-dimensional. For the literal aspect, there are four options to choose from this time, black, white, brown, and blue. Of course, each color gives people a different feeling.

The watch is also designed with a back-through process, which can directly observe the operation of the movement. Equipped with the 5100 self-winding mechanical movement developed and manufactured by 8F, which is the benchmark of Vacheron Constantin, the workmanship of the overall watch is also very good, and the details are also in place!

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Swiss Replica Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Black Magic 45MM Black Watch

Today I’m going to introduce the Hublot Spirit Big Bang, a black forged carbon watch with a unique and cool all-black look, just like a black King Kong.

The case is not a regular Big Bang case shape, but a tonneau-shaped case like Richard Mille‘s, in addition to the advanced forged carbon material, the case curve design fits my hand perfectly, the multi-layer structure case uses different marterials, which reflects the design concept of Hublot’s “fusion”. Carbon is used on the front and back of the case, and the texture is noticeably different from the other black materials on the sides of the case.

The dial is a skeleton, and at the same time has a three-dimensional effect, the black dial is a combination of excellent workmanship and advanced watchmaking technology. The three subdials have real functions, the small seconds at 9 o’clock, the largest 30-minute chronograph at 3 o’clock, and the 12-hour chronograph at 6 o’clock. The subdial with only small seconds is less noticeable. The circle in the center of the dial shows the movement’s date wheel, well, 4:30 opening a large window showing the current date in white. I like the case and its black color, but this dial is not my style, it looks a little ugly, some striking color should be used on this skeleton dial to enhance readability.

The movement you see from the crystal back is the clone HUB4700. In fact, it is not a real clone HUB4700 movement. First of all, it is based on an Asian chronograph, but the decoration on the movement is not very well done.

This Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang watch comes with a black rubber strap, which is perfect for sports.

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GR Factory Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712G Tiffany Blue Moonphase Watch 40MM

GR Factory recently released three Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 watches, available in three dial colors including Tiffany Blue, Blue and Grey.

Compared to the nautilus Jumbo 5711, I think the 5712 looks more elegant, not as sporty as the 5711, but has a more casual style, the 5712 is in high demand, and they like it not only for its top quality, but also for its The beauty of symmetrical dial design. Regarding the replica version of 5711, ZF and GR are both the best. I compared them and they are all very good. The GR version is cheaper and has the same functions. Maybe ZF’s 5712 is better on the case and bracelet.

In the current replica watch market, Tiffany blue is really very popular. Before this model only had blue and grey face, now there is a Tiffany blue.

The case and watch band are the same as the 5711 model, the 40mm case diameter, and close to the thickness of genuine watch.

This replica has almost all the real functions, such as the dial, small seconds, date, moon phase and power reserve, but the power reserve is fake, which is the flaw of the replica. On the Tiffany blue dial, every element is set in the right place, not exactly the same as the original, but very close. The crystal caseback allows you to admire its movement, which has been modified to be a genuine Patek Philippe 240 movement, precisely decorated and looks beautiful.

Don’t miss out on this elegant Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712G Tiffany Blue Watch!

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